Posted: June 25, 2010 in Uncategorized

your’e probably reading this coz of the title rite? but either way, i have your attention.
Skiza, this MJ (Michael Joseph) has us-most of us- all hooked! how else could over 37% of kenyans still use safcom as their standard means of mobile telephony when zain and yu offer rates that are SO much better? im half stoned when typin this, so just roll with me, its the waves man! i know i sound like those deranged homeless guys who end up being right in conspiracy movies, but hell, they have a point!!!
all those radio boosters dopnt just send out infrared waves that enable wireless communication, but also emit a frequency that f***s up your mind to continue using Safaricom! how else would you explain it? collect thine selves Kenyans, and break away from the bliss that is ignorance, and come one step closer to attaining every kenyan’s – heck, everybody on the friggin planet- monetary goal, saving a dime!!! excuse me, i have to call Rose (again) and guess on which line!?!?!?!?!!!!